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Fort Collins, Colorado tiny house builder. Builds custom tiny homes. Beautiful tiny houses on wheels. Mitchcraft Tiny Homes uses high-quality materials to build the home of your dreams. Tiny house on wheels builder. Good quality for great price. Affordable tiny house. Great layouts, custom designs. Personalized homes. Tiny house shells for sale. Built to the level of your desire. Professional craftsman. 


Our 'Ace' floor plan sits on a 22' trailer, which has a large and open design to provide all the comforts of living, as well as entertaining.  After entering, full length closet behind the door provides enough room for clothing storage needs, as well as a cozy window seating area.  This design features a large kitchen with enough room for full sized appliances if desired, (including a washer/dryer combo unit)  as well as a roll out/folding leaf table to use for dining when needed.  With a comfortable "L" seating area the exact dimensions as our Bookworm layout, the bench also rolls out and rotates to become a 4 person dining booth once the dining table is in use.  Ample closet space under the built in stairs provides clothing/additional storage.  Entering the bathroom on the left, you will find a small bathroom sink, composting toilet in the bay area built out over the tongue of the trailer, and a 30" x 36" shower stall.  Both lofts (storage & sleeping) are angled to open up the space on the main level, providing exceptional vertical storage in the kitchen.  A large 10'x8' sleeping accommodates any sized bed, as well as additional clothing storage.  



  • Dimensions: 8.5'x22'
  • Trailer info: Trailer Made custom tiny house trailer with dual 6,000# axles
  • Room for all appliances desired, including large fridge, full sink, full oven/range, combo laundry unit, propane tankless water heater, wall mounted heating unit.
  • Ample storage throughout, including 2 closet spaces on main level, storage loft above entry, storage in bedroom loft, and exterior storage accessed from the back of the trailer.  
  • Designed for single pitch shed style roof.



We design and build beautiful, custom tiny homes on wheels.


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