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The Bookworm


The Bookworm floor plan mimics the first build and personal home of MitchCraft Tiny Homes.  Sitting on an 18' trailer, The Bookwarm provides a warm and inviting layout, with a large kitchen space with ample storage, as well as a cozy reading nook/living room space that folds out to become a secondary bed! Entering in the kitchen space, the stairs to the loft are on the right with options for storage or laundry underneath (if desired).  At the foot of the kitchen counter lies the two person dining nook, with storage inside each bench, as well as a flip up countertop extension to be used when needed.  The angled door to the bathroom adds to the flow of the house by keeping everything open.  Inside the bathroom can either be a toilet/sink/shower stall, or sink/shower area/composting toilet, as pictured in our completed photos.  The wall between the bathroom and living room is designed to be a thicker wall, to provide built in shelving for the living room space.  The built in seating area also provides ample storage.  Once in the loft, a full/queen size bed can easily be used with additional cubbie/storage options on either side, and at the head of the bed.

Bookworm Layout.jpg


  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 18', 144 sq. ft. (plus loft)
  • Trailer info: Trailer made custom tiny house trailer, with dual 6,000# axles.
  • Designed to have room for appliances of choice.  Pictured is a 10 cu. ft. fridge, 24" sink, 3 burner propane cooktop, propane tankless water heater.  Wood stove underneath stairs can be substituted for wall mounted heater, and storage/laundry under stairs if desired.
  • Loft extensions can be built (as pictured) to provide an additional 2 ft. of storage loft and 2 ft. of bedroom loft.
  • Designed for a gable style roof with dormers.


We design and build beautiful, custom tiny homes on wheels.


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