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Fort Collins, Colorado tiny house builder. Builds custom tiny homes. Beautiful tiny houses on wheels. Mitchcraft Tiny Homes uses high-quality materials to build the home of your dreams. Tiny house on wheels builder. Good quality for great price. Affordable tiny house. Great layouts, custom designs. Personalized homes. Tiny house shells for sale. Built to the level of your desire. Professional craftsman. 

layout examples

16 ft. layouts

16 ft. trailer, French Double Doors, galley kitchen, seating bench, stairs to loft, roomy bathroom

16 ft. Single-Level home, vardo style raised bed platform with pull-out table and seating, exterior storage underneath, simple two-piece bathroom, galley kitchen.

16 ft. Trailer, large porch, 12 ft. living space with cantilevered loft above porch, simple kitchen, wet bath, steep stairs to loft.

16 ft. trailer, large seating area with room for 3 while dining. Full stairs w/ storage built in, simple bathroom & kitchen.

18 ft. layouts

18 ft. trailer, dual staircase to lofts, 2 ft. loft cantilevers for added room, galley kitchen, large bathroom w/ laundry.

18 ft. trailer with 2 ft. loft extensions. Large seating area which folds out into guest bed & built in bookshelves. Standard kitchen with 2 person dining booth. Standard 3 piece bathroom.

20 ft. layouts

20 ft. trailer. Large L shaped living room space. Galley style kitchen w/ built in storage stairs. 3 piece corner bathroom. Separate laundry area with small linen closet. Standard sleeping loft with clothing storage.

20 ft. trailer, large living room area with separate dining booth, galley kitchen with laundry, standard bathroom, large loft + storage loft.

20 ft. trailer, separate seating & dining areas, large bathroom with laundry, and a stand-up landing beside the bed in the loft, with plenty of storage.

20 ft., trailer with 2 ft. loft extensions. Full bath with tub/shower, laundry unit, toilet, and sink. Dining bar with accordion window. Small love-seat. Kitchen with ample storage and counter space.

22 ft. layouts

22 ft. trailer, large living room and dining bar, mid sized 42" bathroom, plenty of pantry and built in storage,

22 ft. trailer, large living space w/ dining bar, galley style kitchen, smaller 3-piece bathroom, built-in staircase with stand-up landing beside loft, additional exterior storage built underneath loft cantilever.

22 ft. Single-Level design, vardo style bed platform with pull out dining and 4 ft. benches on each side, simple, galley kitchen large shower in bathroom.

22 ft. trailer, large living room, dining bar with window opening towards outside, standard bathroom, kitchen with laundry, large sleeping loft.

22 ft. trailer, Back & Front Entry Door w/ fold-down deck, pull-out guest bed in living room, wood stove, simple galley style kitchen w/ dining bar, smaller 3 piece bathroom, sleeping loft w/ additional storage loft.

22 ft. trailer, galley style kitchen with laundry, separate dining booth, pantry, standard bathroom.

24 ft. layouts

24 ft. trailer. Large L shaped living room w/ propane fireplace. Mid-sized bathroom. Plenty of pantry and built in storage. Galley style kitchen with dining bar. Large roof-top deck.

24 ft. Trailer. Large living room with propane fireplace, bump-out reading nook, large dining bar, galley style kitchen, large bathroom, staircase to sleeping loft with stand-up landing and tall closet space, additional storage loft.

24 ft. trailer with dual staircase to sleeping lofts, large seating area and separate dining space, corner kitchen, large bathroom with laundry.

24 ft. trailer. Large living room with entertainment shelving. Galley style kitchen. Dual sleeping lofts. Standard 3 piece bathroom with separate closet/laundry area.

24 ft. trailer with 2 ft. entry porch, large seating area, separate dining table,, kitchen and laundry under loft, standard bathroom, sleeping + storage loft.

24 ft. trailer with 2 ft. entry porch, French double doors, galley kitchen with laundry and storage, mid-sized bathroom, large sleeping loft + storage loft.

24 ft. trailer, Large desk space with separate seating area, large kitchen with dining bar, laundry, mid-sized bahroom.

24 ft. trailer, large galley style kitchen w/ pantry space, full size entry closet, wood stove, large seating area with separate dining, 2 piece bathroom, sleeping + storage loft.

26 ft. layouts

26 ft. trailer, large sleeping loft + additional storage/sleeping loft, french doors, dining bar, desk space, large corner kitchen, large bathroom with laundry.

26 ft. trailer, large living room with closet space, kitchen with plenty of counter space, pantry, large bathroom with laundry, sleeping loft + storage loft.

28 ft. layouts

28 ft. trailer, dual staircase to two sleeping lofts, large bathroom, laundry/closet space, large corner kitchen w/pantry, separate dining table.

28 ft. Trailer, Sing-Level design, private bedroom with closet space, mid-size bathroom, large kitchen with dining, laundry.

28 ft. trailer. Dual built in stairs with storage into master and guest lofts. Large living room with 2 couches. Wood stove. Dining table with room for 3-4. Mid sized bathroom with 48" shower. Large Kitchen with plenty of counter space.

28 ft. Trailer, Master + Additional Sleeping Loft (ladder access), mid-sized bathroom with large vanity, large private living room, large dining table.

28 ft. Trailer, Single-Level Design, Entry Door & French Doors from private bedroom, full size bathroom with laundry, galley kitchen with ample seating in living room.

30 ft. layouts

30 ft. trailer, two sleeping lofts with separate staircases, large 4 person dining, large living room, large kitchen w/ laundry, mid-size bathroom.

FRANCELIA’S LAYOUT: 24’ Trailer, one sleeping loft with stairs, storage loft, reading nook, midsize bathroom with laundry.

30 ft. trailer, Large bathroom with full size tub/shower, large kitchen with bar seating, huge living room with entertainment nook. Large 10' sleeping loft and 5' storage loft.

We design and build beautiful, custom tiny homes on wheels.


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