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MitchCraft Tiny Homes is unique from other builders in our commitment to use high-quality materials.  When crafting a home, we use our "no shortcuts" method of building to ensure that your home is built to last.  Products and materials are carefully researched and chosen, customized for your situation, and professionally installed.  All electrical and plumbing work is performed by licensed contractors.  All homes are N.O.A.H. certified. Below is a brief overview of how we craft our homes:


The Foundation:

  • All homes are built on an engineered Trailer Made custom tiny house trailer. These trailers are custom built specifically for the foundation of a tiny house on wheels.

  • Our trailer foundations are insulated with 5-6 inches of Polyiso R-Max rigid insulation (depending on length of trailer), to provide a floor insulated to R-32 or R-38.

  • 3/4" tongue and groove subfloor is secured directly to the trailer, to provide a perfectly flat and strong subfloor to build on.

The Structure:

  • At MitchCraft, building custom homes means that we also build according to specific requests. Some customers are wanting to travel often and need the lightest weight options available. Others may be more interested in attaining the highest R-value possible. For that reason, we build our tiny house structures using either:

    • Wood frame construction with 2x4 walls, 2x6 roof rafters (standard)

    • Steel stud frame construction using TMFrame framing system from Trailer Made Trailers (additional cost)

    • SIPs (Structurally Insulated Panels) construction by ICS Eco-SIPs right here in Fort Collins (additional cost)

  • All homes are properly anchored to the trailer using ample Simpson HDU Holdowns, diagonal strapping, and hurricane ties, to ensure that your house is permanently affixed to the trailers, and built to withstand the forces of a mobile structure.

  • All homes are built to ensure proper snow load is accounted for, and homes are designed and built to live in any climate, with proper air ventilation accounted for.

  • All 1/2" Zip-wall Structural sheathing and shear panels are glued and fastened properly.

  • 26 gauge metal roofing is standard on each home, with many different color options to choose from. Metal roofing has a higher tolerance to wind, hail, and extreme weather with a longer lifespan than standard asphalt shingle roofs.

  • Our window pricing is based on using Andersen 100 series premium double pane fibrex windows. Fibrex is a stronger, higher quality solution vs. vinyl, and more affordable than wood or aluminum clad windows. Each customer can choose from a large variety of sizes and opening styles, and all windows have tempered glass and window screens. You can't find a better window in its class!


  • We offer 3 different options for the insulation of each home:

    • Closed Cell Spray Foam insulation (adds cost). Spray foam has the highest R-value for any standard 2x4 framing construction, with an R-value of 21 in the walls, and an R-value of 35 in the roof. It is also more lightweight and air-tight, provided more long-term cost savings due to lower energy needs to heat and cool the home.

    • Hybrid insulation: This combination of closed-cell spray foam insulation in the roof (R35) and Roxul mineral wool batt insulation in the walls (R15) provides a good 'bang-for-your-buck', as a majority of heat loss and gain is through the roof, where you will have the highest R-value.

    • Roxul ComfortBatt mineral wool batt insulation. This is the most affordable option, which provides an R-value of 15 in the walls and in the roof. Roxul has good fire-proof and sound-proofing qualities, and is much better than fiberglass insulation.

  • Each home has 3 main options for their heat source:

    • Propane (direct-vent furnace or freestanding fireplace)

    • Electric (Ductless mini-split system with A/C & heat pump, convection or other wall mounted heaters)

    • Wood Stove (recommended to have a backup source as well)

  • Homes do not come standard with A/C (air conditioning), but can be added for additional costs. Ductless mini-split A/C units are the perfect option for cooling (and heating) and tiny home, but are only available in electric models. We install the highest quality Mitsubishi models on the market with a SEER rating of 33, keeping you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.

Utilities and Hookups:

  • All homes are built with a conventional 50 amp, ac electrical hookup using standard RV hookups. For customers seeking off-the-grid solar setups, we work with a solar company who can tailor your solar system to your specific needs. Typical cost for complete solar systems range from $7,000 - $11,000, and are sized for 3 days of battery backup

  • It is important to not overload your electrical 50 amp system, so it is generally recommended to use a combination of propane and electric appliances. Some electric appliances (ovens, for example) use a tremendous amount of electricity, and can easily overload the 50 amp service, as well as other appliances such as microwaves, electric water heaters, full size electric dryers, etc.

  • For houses with gas (propane) appliances, two propane tanks will be provided with an automatic switch-over regulator.

  • All homes are built with both a 3/4" city water hookup, and/or a fresh water tank with water pump on board with exterior water fill inlet. (unless water tank not needed).

  • Grey water drain lines from fixtures are all connected underneath the trailer, to one drain outlet.

  • Composting toilets are standard. We use Separett composting toilets. We prefer not to install flush toilets in our homes, as we feel flush toilets are a step in the wrong direction towards sustainability.

Exterior / Interior Finishes and Materials:

  • As a 100% custom tiny home builder, there are many options for the materials of the home, to reflect the specific look and style that you are wanting in your home.

  • Since such a wide variety of materials are available for use, the price of each home varies accordingly.

  • We understand that the choices and options can be overwhelming for some, so if assistance or idea feedback is needed when choosing materials for your home, we are more than happy to help and give you some typical options to choose from, and discuss any ideas you have in mind!

  • Exact material choices do not need to be made in order to receive a written price estimate, but the more information that is discussed and provided, the more accurate your price estimate will be.

  • Examples of possible upgrade options include:

    • French Doors

    • Full size tubs

    • Tile floors or shower walls

    • Fold down or built-in decks and rooftop patios.

    • Skylights (fixed or operable)

    • High-end appliance choices

    • Complex roof pitches / roof design

    • Custom woodworking

    • Full time off-grid solar systems

    • Special custom features

The Appliances:

  • Our pricing for a completed tiny home includes the cost of all appliances! Different requests are welcomed and will need to be discussed to ensure you have a fully-functional home built for your needs. While there are plenty of choices on the market for appliances to use, here are some examples of standard appliances that we use for our pricing guide.

    • 10 cu. ft. refrigerator (electric)

    • Takagi t-kjr2 tankless on demand water heater (propane)

    • 3 burner RV style range w/oven (propane)

    • Splendide 2.0 cu. ft. vented washer/dryer combo laundry unit (electric)

    • Williams Direct-Vent propane furnace

  • Other examples of appliance upgrades and different options include:

    • Mitsubishi A/C ductless mini-split air conditioning with heat pump (electric)

    • Morso 1440 wood stove

    • 4 burner ranges with full-size oven (propane)

    • Propane 2-way refrigerators (for off-grid home setups)

    • Dishwashers and Mircowaves

    • Stackable Washer / Dryer units or All-in-one laundry centers

We design and build beautiful, custom tiny homes on wheels.


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