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Fort Collins, Colorado tiny house builder. Builds custom tiny homes. Beautiful tiny houses on wheels. Mitchcraft Tiny Homes uses high-quality materials to build the home of your dreams. Tiny house on wheels builder. Good quality for great price. Affordable tiny house. Great layouts, custom designs. Personalized homes. Tiny house shells for sale. Built to the level of your desire. Professional craftsman. 


MitchCraft Tiny Homes is unique from other builders in our commitment to use high-quality materials.  When crafting a home, we use our "no shortcuts" method of building to ensure that your home is built to last.  Products and materials are carefully researched and chosen, customized for your situation, and professionally installed.  All electrical and plumbing work is performed by licensed contractors.  Our homes come standard with the following:

  • All homes are built on an engineered Trailer Made custom tiny house trailer.  
  • Our trailer foundations are insulated with 5-6 inches of Polyiso R-Max rigid insulation (depending on length of trailer), to provide a floor insulated to R-32/R-38.  For completed homes built with standard stick-frame construction, Roxul ComfortBatt fire-resistant stone-wool insulation is the insulation of choice. Roxul provides a higher R-value, is made from recycled materials, fire resistant, and provides excellent sound absorption.  Upon request, other interior insulation options such as closed cell spray foam are available, as well as exterior 1/2" foam insulation envelopes to reduce thermal bridging, and add an additional R-3 to the overall insulation.
  • The structure of our homes are built using standard 16" on center framing, mixed with advanced framing techniques which help by decreasing unnecessary lumber and waste, decrease overall weight, and increase structural integrity.   Special requests for SIPs construction can be made, as ICS Eco-SIPs is a reputable manufacturer of SIPs right here in Fort Collins.  Framing with Volstrukt steel stud framing is also available, and is a great way to cut down on weight if that is a priority.
  • All homes are properly anchored to the trailer using ample Simpson HDU Holdowns, diagonal strapping, and hurricane ties.
  • Glue and screw construction is standard, along with frequent cross bracing and lateral bracing to ensure your home is safe on the road or anywhere you go.
  • All homes are built to ensure proper snow load is accounted for, and homes are designed and built to live in any climate, with roof ventilation accounted for.
  • We choose to use real CDX plywood over OSB sheathing in the construction of our homes.  Although plywood is more expensive than OSB, it is stronger and lighter in weight, which are both crucial elements in tiny home construction.
  • Our window pricing is based on using Jeld-Wen's top-tier premium V-4500 series double pane vinyl windows, with your own opening style of choice.  Windows could be substituted with the windows of your choice, assuming price changes.  
  • Exposed fastener metal roofing comes standard on every house.  Hidden fastener metal roofing systems (standing seam) could be used with the added price increase.
  • All homes are built to be hooked up via conventional 120v ac electrical hookup (30 amp) or 240v ac (50 amp) service, depending on appliances.  For customers seeking off-the-grid solar/12v setups, we work with a solar company who can tailor your solar system to your specific needs.
  •  Nature's Head composting toilets are standard. Other options are available such as Separette Composting Toilets, or a "loveable loo" bucket composting system.  We prefer not to install flush toilets in our homes, as we feel flush toilets are a step in the wrong direction towards sustainability. 
  • Our pricing for a completed home includes the cost of all appliances. Requests are welcomed and will need to be discussed to ensure you have a fully-functional home built for your needs.  There are plenty of choices for propane or electric cooking, heating, laundry, and water heating,  Examples of standard appliances included in our pricing are;
    • 10 cu. ft. refrigerator (electric or propane)
    • Precision-Temp RV tankless on demand propane water heater (floor vented)
    • 3 burner RV style oven range
    • Edgestar 2.0 cu. ft. ventless washer/dryer combo laundry unit
    • Williams Direct-Vent propane furnace (18,000 btu)

We design and build beautiful, custom tiny homes on wheels.


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