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Fort Collins, Colorado tiny house builder. Builds custom tiny homes. Beautiful tiny houses on wheels. Mitchcraft Tiny Homes uses high-quality materials to build the home of your dreams. Tiny house on wheels builder. Good quality for great price. Affordable tiny house. Great layouts, custom designs. Personalized homes. Tiny house shells for sale. Built to the level of your desire. Professional craftsman. 



Enjoy a professionally-built custom tiny home, ripe and ready to move into. Fully completed homes. Ready to move-in with all interior finishes and appliances included.

Pricing reflects average cost of homes, which can increase or decrease depending on customization options. The pricing options below show estimated costs based on the size of the trailer and basic, standard materials. We are happy to build a home to your specifications, and this will vary the price.  


Standard Bumper-Pull Tiny Home Pricing

8x16’ - $50,000
8x18’ - $57,000
8x20’ - $62,000
8x22’ - $69,000
8x24’ - $77,000
8x26’ - $83,000
8x28' - $88,000
8x30' - $94,000
8x32' - $97,000


Goose-neck* Tiny Home Pricing

8 x 23' - $58,000
8 x 25' - $67,000
8 x 27' - $71,000
8 x 29' - $79,000
8 x 31' - $88,000
8 x 33' - $93,000
8 x 35' - $98,000
8 x 37' - $104,000
8 x 39' - $108,000

*main level + 7' goose-neck deck


Pricing guide for completed homes is an estimated base price which depends on many different customization options.

Contact us with your wants and needs for a detailed price estimate for your custom home.

We design and build beautiful, custom tiny homes on wheels.


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