1. Check Your Budget

What is the total cost of the tiny home you want to build?
Calculate Tiny Home Cost
Do you have 25% of the total cost of the tiny home in cash?
How much of a loan do you need, and how much can you realistically expect to receive from your institution?
Loan Calculator

2. Check Requirements

Mortgage Option Requirements:
1. No upper limit to amount
2. Bumper-pull Trailers Only
3. 400 sf maximum size
4. Have a place to park
5. Can apply for mortgage 5 months before delivery date, and Reservation fee required to hold your build slot if build times available are greater than 5 months out
6. Will insure home with mortgage company
7. Home will be delivered with professional shipping company (no pickups)

Other Finance Options: (Lightstream RV Loan)
1. $100,000 limit
2. All trailer types allowed
3. 400 sf maximum size
4. Unrestricted Parking
5. Can provide approval of application
6. Insure with Strategic or other
7. Delivery options open

3. Apply

If it’s all green lights, communicate your intention to use financing with MitchCraft and we will help you negotiate next steps, your loan approval, and work with you on how to secure your build slot in our schedule.

mitchcraft tiny home
"A lot of companies advertise that they can build you a custom home, but we were looking for very specific things — you’re dealing with engineers here. MitchCraft was the only builder who could build it exactly how we wanted it."
Professor Nusrat Jung

Purdue University Civil Engineering Dept.