We do not offer financing at this time.
If your payment plan includes a supplemental loan to your cash budget,
please have your financing plans put together before contacting us. Thank you.

1. Check Your Budget

What is the total cost of the tiny home you want to build?
Calculate Tiny Home Cost
Do you have 25% of the total cost of the tiny home in cash?
How much of a loan do you need, and how much can you realistically expect to receive from your institution?
Loan Calculator

2. Check Requirements

Other Finance Options: (Lightstream RV Loan)
1. $100,000 limit – questionable success at this amount, we are seeing 50K or lower usually.
2. All trailer types allowed
3. 400 sf maximum size
4. Unrestricted Parking
5. Can provide approval of application
6. Insure with Strategic or other
7. Delivery options open

It is important that you research what your lender will require before assuming that they will lend to you for a tiny home on wheels. Most people are using some combination of retirement, HELOCs, and/or personal loans to fill out their cash budget.

3. Apply

Please apply only after you have received your loan approval. We cannot move forward with Reservations until you have received your loan approval. We will then work with you on how to secure your build slot in our schedule.

mitchcraft tiny home
"From the start I knew MitchCraft was a quality firm. Throughout the build, the craftsmanship and my customer experience was their top priority. I loved getting updates during the build, and even though I knew the home was going to be beautiful I was blown away when the home arrived. I have so enjoyed living in this home, and highly recommend MitchCraft Tiny Homes!"
Anne Ellis