Planning for your home

At MitchCraft Tiny Homes, we work together with each customer to design a home for your specific needs. Each individual house is entirely customized and completely unique, and we welcome your ideas and questions.
Feel free to take a look around our website. We want to provide you with as much information as possible to help you achieve your dream home.

Once you have an initial idea of what you are looking for in your tiny home, explore some general budget options using our Quote Calculator.

Once you are comfortable with your quote, and are ready to apply, fill out the form at the bottom, and hit submit.

After accepting your application, we will communicate with you about your desired timing of your design and build, and help you determine how your build will fit into our construction schedule. Currently we recommend starting a design package 9-12 months ahead of your ideal delivery dates.

See Our Timeline.

Designing Your Home

Once you are ready to move forward, it’s time to start your design. We are delighted to be with you throughout this process! To get started designing your home, you will need to purchase a design package.

This package costs $7,000 and includes your own custom 2-D layout, 3-D rendering of your design, and a full estimate. We will send you our design contract which outlines the timeline for your design with Mitch. We will also send you an invoice for your design package and then get you setup with our online system for the design collaboration with Mitch. We want you to be happy with all the details, so we make sure you approve your layout before completing an estimate, and we want to make sure the estimate is clear and confirmed before we continue.

What to Expect

When you’re ready to start your design process you can expect:

1) We will be with you every step of the way. Expect contact on a regular basis until your design is complete. Be prepared for this process to take about 4-6 weeks.

2) When the details of your home design have been completed, we will send you a detailed price estimate to build the home, based on the information you’ve provided and the design we create.

3) Once the design process is complete and plans are finalized, construction contracts will need to be signed along with your down payment. Depending on how far out our construction schedule is booked, we may recommend a Reservation Fee to hold your build slot. Constant communication will be essential to the building process, so expect regular contact before and during your custom build!

mitchcraft tiny home
"I absolutely love my beautiful tiny home! The design is gorgeous as well as practical. And the quality of craftsmanship is outstanding. Working with Mitchcraft was a joy. They worked closely with me to build my home around my unique needs. The process was so easy and affordable. I am thrilled with the results."