(1-4 Weeks)

Tiny Homes are a relatively new concept, and the process of having a custom tiny home built is more involved than just ordering one! Our website has been designed to get all of the answers to your initial questions to your fingertips easily. Take a look around!
As you research, it’s good to collect images and links of the tiny house features that you like best, and save those for later. Some folks will draw up a sketch of how they want their tiny home laid out. We have also included information about payment options, financing, and even a quote calculator, so you can be as prepared as possible.
When you are ready to move forward, you can submit your quote to start communicating with us about our build schedule and a design package.
Currently we recommend starting a design package 6-9 months ahead of your ideal delivery dates.
Currently we are taking applications for all build slots in 2022 and Reservations will open in September of 2022.

Design & Estimate

(Up to 2 Months)

Once you are ready to move forward, it’s time to start the design process. We are delighted to be with you throughout this process! To get started designing your home, you will need to purchase a design package.

This package costs $879 and includes your own custom 2-D layout, full estimate, and 3-D rendering of your design. We will send you an invoice for your design package and then get you setup with our online system for the design collaboration with Mitch. We want you to be happy with all the details, so we make sure you approve your layout before completing an estimate, and we want to make sure the estimate is clear and confirmed before we continue to Contracts.



Our build schedule is usually booked about 4-6 months in advance. In order to plan for the arrival of your dream home, we recommend Reservation Fees in order to hold your spot in our queue. This fee is $3,500 and will be considered as part of your down-payment.


(Up to 1 Month)

Contracts include agreements on the scope of the project, the timeline for construction and costs of the tiny home.
Contracts and Down Payments are completed 2-4 months before your build start date and rely on the timing of your custom trailer delivery.
Our Contracts include a 1-year extendable warranty.

Finalize Build Details

(1-2 Months before Build Start)

After Contract signing, you will be setup to collaborate online with Mitch on the fine details of your build.
We have organized all of the decisions to be made about finishes and colors, fixtures and appliances according to the timing of the build process.
Some special order items and appliances need to be ordered well in advance, since your build will only take about 3 months to complete!

Building Starts

(3 Months)

This is where your tiny home dreams become a reality! Using online collaboration, including regular contact and progress photos, we will be with you every step of the way as the home moves through each phase of the build and is inspected by NOAH.


This is the most exciting phase of our process!
Your home will be quality inspected, cleaned and photographed, prior to delivery.
If you are a Colorado resident, we also offer the service of local delivery and setup.
Once your tiny home arrives, you can enjoy your MitchCraft Tiny Home for years to come!